Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Piers Gough
(b. 1946)

Born in Brighton, he trained at the Architectural Association, London, 1965-71, and was a co-founder of the practice CZWG (Campbell, Zogolovich, Wilkinson & Gough), 1975.

Winning a number of prestigious competitions and commissions for architectural and design projects throughout the UK in the 1990s, their innovative and varied work in London includes the rehabilitation of former warehouses and new buildings in Docklands China Wharf; Dundee Wharf; The Circle and Batsons & Regents Wharf; Soho Lofts; Westbourne Public Lavatory and Flower Kiosk; and new galleries at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Gough's most important commission in Scotland is Masterplan of Crown Street, Gorbals, Glasgow, "one of the most widely admired social regeneration schemes in recent times".

Commissioned by the Crown Street Regeneration Project, the scheme has produced a number of major public artworks in Glasgow over the past decade, including Heisenberg 's The Gatekeeper, Malta Terrace and Caledonia Road, the largest public sculpture in the city, which Gough unveiled on 27 March, 2002.

As CZWG, they designed Glasgow's Cochrane Square (Wheatley House and Cotton House), Cochrane Street and Montrose Street (1996-8), which incorporates stylised ship-prow balconies which recall Glasgow's former shipbuilding prowess and the many 'traditional' ships prows carved on a number of the city's historic buildings (e.g. J J Burnet 's Clyde Port Authority, 16 Robertson Street).

The winner of the Royal Fine Art Commission & British Sky Broadcasting Building of the Year Award, 1998, for the Café at Brindleyplace, Birmingham; Gough lectures on the international circuit (USA, Europe, Australia and China), and has taught at the Architectural Association and Middlesex Polytechnic. Also a broadcaster, he presented the Channel Four TV series Shock of the Old, in 2000.

A Chairman of the RIBA Architectural Awards since 1992, Gough was appointed CBE , in 1998, for his services to architecture.


  • Heisenberg Media Release, The Gatekeeper Renowned architect Piers Gough unveils unique new artwork, 27 March, 2002;
  • Rodger (1999).

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Works in our Database:
1: Benny Lynch Court (Gorbals),
9-17 and 10-16 Benny Lynch Court
Part of Crown Street Regeneration Project
Bronze Fir Cone Reliefs (1997)
Sculptors: L Peden and C Keay; Architect: P Gough
#353 2: Malta Terrace and Caledonia Road (Gorbals),
Part of Crown Street Regeneration Project
The Attendants (2002)
Artists: Heisenberg;
Architect: P Gough
#354 3: Malta Terrace and Caledonia Road (Gorbals),
Part of Crown Street Regeneration Project
The Gatekeeper (2002)
Artists: Heisenberg;
Architect: P Gough; Foundry: Powderhall Bronze
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