Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
William Silver Frith

A graduate of Lambeth School of Art and the RA Schools, he later became Modelling Master at SLTAS, 1880-95.

Principally an architectural sculptor in stone and terracotta, the latter including Victoria Law Courts, Birmingham (1885), he was the supervising sculptor on the Doulton Fountain, Glasgow (1887-8) and personally produced the fountain's Canada group.

He also executed the statues of Grinling Gibbons and John Bacon for the Victoria and Albert Museum (1899-1909) and King Edward VII, Whitechapel.

A member of the Art Workers Guild, he also produced decorative plaster and metal work.


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Works in our Database:
1: Glasgow Green (Calton),
Doulton Fountain
(1888, International Exhibition in Kelvingrove Park; relocated 1890, Glasgow Green)
Designer: AE Pearce; Modellers: J Broad, H Ellis, AE Pearce, FW Pomeroy;
Modelling supervisor: WS Frith; Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
2: Glasgow Green (Calton),
Doulton Fountain
Canada (1888)
Modeller: WS Frith; Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
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