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By Gary Nisbet
John Broad
(fl. 1873-1919)

A modeller of figures and monuments in terracotta , he worked for Doulton & Co., of Lambeth, for most of his career.

He executed statues of General Gordon and Queen Victoria for Gravesend, and several portrait medallions.

Examples of his work were exhibited at the RA , 1890-1900, the Arts and Crafts Exhibition, London, 1891, and at the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893.

One of a number of sculptors working on the Doulton Fountain for the Kelvingrove International Exhibition (1888), he was responsible for modelling its apex statue of Queen Victoria and the group representing India.

After the fountain was moved to Glasgow Green in 1890, the statue of the queen was destroyed by lightning in 1894, and was replaced with a slightly different copy a year later, which Broad modelled from scratch as no moulds of the statue had been kept by Doulton.

The fountain underwent a complete rebuilding in 2005, as part of a £4 million scheme to restore and relocate it to the north east of Glasgow Green. This included the restoration of Broad's India group which, together with the fountain's other sculptures, had been smashed by vandals.


Works in our Database:
1: Glasgow Green (Calton),
Doulton Fountain
(1888, International Exhibition in Kelvingrove Park; relocated 1890, Glasgow Green)
Designer: AE Pearce; Modellers: J Broad, H Ellis, AE Pearce, FW Pomeroy;
Modelling supervisor: WS Frith; Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
#141 2: Glasgow Green (Calton),
Doulton Fountain
Queen Victoria (1888)
Modeller: J Broad;
Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
3: Glasgow Green (Calton),
Doulton Fountain
India (1888)
Modeller: J Broad; Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
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