Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Anderson & MacKenzie
(fl. 1869-71)

Firm of monumental sculptors formed between William Anderson and Robert MacKenzie, at 1 Grafton Street, Glasgow, with a granite polishing works in Constitution Street, Aberdeen.

Anderson formed the partnership after dissolving a previous partnership, Westland & Anderson, with Peter Westland, 1867-8, who thereafter became the manager of Anderson & MacKenzie's granite works in Aberdeen.

The new partnership was also short lived, lasting until 1871, when MacKenzie left to set up as a brewer in Aberdeen. Anderson then set up Anderson & Co ., which ceased trading in 1875.

Working exclusively in granite, the firm produced a number of monuments for Glasgow's most important cemetery, the Necropolis, including the monuments to Peter Dunn, the biscuit manufacturer (c. 1865), and William Lang (c. 1870).

Their most important work in the Necropolis is the Gothic, grey granite tomb chest to the great shipbuilder and marine engineer John Elder, of the Fairfield shipyard in Govan (Elder's wife, Isabella, the donor of Elder Park, and their son, David, the donor of the Elder Infirmary, were to join him later), to a design by architect John Honeyman (1870, Section: Epsilon).

Honeyman's Job Book for 1861-76, records Anderson & MacKenzie as the sculptors of the Elder monument, as well as another memorial to Elder in Rutherglen Loan Cemetery, which they produced for £36.10s (1870).

Independently, Anderson signed the Necropolis monuments to Alexander Malcolm (1870) and Angus McKenzie (1871).


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