Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Alexander (Sandy) Stoddart
(b. 1959)

Born in Edinburgh, he studied at GSA, 1976-80, under Cliff Bowen, and worked for a time with Ian Hamilton Finlay (b. 1925); he later studied the history of Scottish sculpture at Glasgow University.

He lives and works in Paisley, and "is a vocal advocate of a modern neo-classical idiom in contemporary public sculpture" ( McKenzie (1999) ) and is a champion of John Mossman .

His work is predominantly Classical in style and owes much to Stoddart's admiration for the work of Mossman and Thorvaldsen.

His early commissions include: Heroic Bust: Henry More O.M. (1990); a statue of Diogenes for the (former) Neilson Institute, Paisley (1992); and a full-size monument to David Hume, Edinburgh (1997).

In 1994, he produced bronze portrait busts of four historical figures connected with the development of Glasgow's Merchant City: Allan Dreghorn; David Hamilton ; Thomas Clayton; and Mungo Naismith), on the fašade of Cruise, 178-82 Ingram Street.

In 1996, he produced Classical figures for Page & Park 's Italian Centre, representing Italia; Mercury; Mercurial; and Mercurius.

In 1999, he received a joint commission from Paisley and Princeton Universities for bronze statues of Rev. Dr John Witherspoon, erected in 2001.

Two of Stoddart's most prestigious recent commissions were The Sackler Library Frieze, for Oxford University (2001), and the Queen's Gallery Sculpture Schema, Buckingham Palace (2002).


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Works in our Database:
1: Ingram Street (Merchant City),
178-80 Ingram Street
Sculpture Scheme (1994)
Sculptors: A Stoddart and JF Sloan; Architects: Page & Park; Builder: Henry Boot Ltd
2: John Street (Merchant City),
Italian Centre, 7 John Street
Sculpture Programme (1988-90)
Sculptors: A Stoddart, JF Sloan and S Kinloch; Architects: Page & Park
3: John Street (Merchant City),
Italian Centre, 7 John Street
Italia (1988-90)
Sculptor: A Stoddart; Architects: Page & Park
4: John Street (Merchant City),
Italian Centre, 7 John Street
Mercurial (1988-90)
Sculptor: A Stoddart; Architects: Page & Park; Foundry: Morris Singer
5: John Street (Merchant City),
Italian Centre, 7 John Street
Mercury and Mercurius (1988-90)
Sculptor: A Stoddart; Architects: Page & Park
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