Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Christ Feeding
The Multitude


Architects: H & D Barclay (fl. 1856-1916)
Sculptor: William Birnie Rhind (1853-1933)
Location: St George's In The Fields Parish Church, 458 St Georges Road
Date executed: 1885

Christ Feeding The Multitude Christ Feeding The Multitude

The late design of St George's in the Fields Parish Church, 1885, marked the final apotheosis of the pure Classical style in Glasgow before the city's predeliction for the style finally petered out with Alexander Skirving's Langside Parish Church of 1896. Something of a rarity amongst the city's classical buildings at St George's is its colossal tympanum crowded with figurative sculpture. It is also Glasgow's finest tympanum group.

Christ Feeding The Multitude Christ Feeding The Multitude

Biblical in its proportions and subject, the tableau of twelve energetically posed figures takes as its theme the Christ Feeding The Multitude parable from the Christian scriptures, and was carved whilst Rhind was sharing a studio in Glasgow with his sculptor brother, John Massey Rhind, who possibly assisted him with its execution. A tour de force, Birnie Rhind's skills as a narrative sculptor and his mastery of the problems posed in filling pediments with multi-figure, allegorical groups culminates in a powerfully composed and executed depiction of Christ's 'miracle' of the Loaves and Fishes.

Christ Feeding The Multitude Christ Feeding The Multitude

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