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Bronze in my Blood - The Memoirs of Benno Schotz.
By Benno Schotz.

Review by an reader:

Benno Schotz (1891-1984) was born in Estonia. In 1912 he found himself in Glasgow, Scotland, where he remained. An engineer, he worked in a shipyard until he became a full time sculptor in 1923. His reputation grew and he became a full member of the RSA, head of sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art, and eventually was appointed the Queen's Sculptor. He continued working till a few weeks before his death at the age of 93. His works are to be found in museums and private collections world-wide. He was a committed Zionist, Jew and proud of his beloved Scotland.

This memoir gives a fascinating account of his early years, his struggles as a young artist, and of the huge array of his friends and clients drawn from all walks of life. It also has an especially penetrating section on how he modelled a portrait head. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in art, Scottish and Jewish culture.

Published by G Wright, Edinburgh.
243 pages.
Publication date: 1981.

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