Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Connell & Murdoch
(fl. 1856-65)

A firm of monumental sculptors stablished in 1856 by Mathew Connell (fl. 1856-65) and Thomas Murdoch (fl. 1856-70). Their workshop was at the "head of South Wellington Street" (now Lawmoor Street) in the Gorbals.

They produced a number of monuments for Glasgow's cemeteries, including one to the family of the merchant George McCall in the Necropolis (c. 1856).

A fine example of their work outside Glasgow is the cenotaph and monuments to William Wilson and his family in Woodside Cemetery, Paisley (c. 1860).

Mathew Connell lived at 199 Crown Street at the time he formed his partnership with Murdoch. He later moved to 288 Crown Street, in 1861, and then to 296 Crown Street, where he listed in the PODs for the last time in 1865. Murdoch resided at 80 Govan Street, in 1856, and at 89 Hospital Street, in 1866.

The firm's workshop was also relocated, to Caledonia Road, where it is listed as 'Connell & Murdoch's Sculpture and Monumental Works' from 1861. After the firm closed, Murdoch continued in business as a mason and builder at 17 Clyde Terrace, as T Murdoch & Son, until 1871, when the firm was renamed by his son Robert (fl. 1865-c.90), as R Murdoch, Masons and Builders.

Murdoch's was later taken over by Grant & Burns in 1943, and then by James McIntosh, 1950, both of whom traded under the name R Murdoch Ltd, until 1955.


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